Exhibitor Rules and Regulations

  1. Applications and Fees
    1. Application shall be subject to the approval of KAN who reserves the right to reject applications in the best interest of the event.
    2. Space rental fees are printed on the front side of the Agreement.
    3. Exhibitor shall submit payment with the application. Checks must be made payable to Kool April Nites and mailed to P.O. Box 491618, Redding, CA., 96049. Payment in USA funds only.
    4. Cancelations must be made in writing. KAN shall withhold $50 as a cancelation fee for any cancelation of confirmed exhibit space prior to the full payment deadline. After the deadline, no refunds will be made. KAN is not liable for interest on any amount refunded.
  2. Eligibility
    1. KAN reserves the right to determine eligibility of exhibitors prior to or after execution of the agreement.
    2. Submission of this agreement and payment does not guarantee that exhibit space will be assigned.
  3. Exhibit Space Assignment
    1. The method of determining space assignment shall be established by KAN and may be changed from time to time without notice to exhibitors.
    2. Exhibitor shall not assign, sublet, share or apportion the whole or any part of the space allotted without the written consent of KAN.
    3. The Agreement may not be assigned by an exhibitor except in connection with the sale of the business.
  4. Exhibitor Set Up
    1. All displays must be in place and display materials, cartons and refuse removed no later than Friday, at Noon.
    2. Written permission from KAN is required to set up during non-posted hours. No set-up will be allowed prior to exhibitor entry hours.
    3. Any space not claimed and occupied during exhibit set-up during non-posted hours of the event may be reassigned or resold by KAN without obligation on the part of KAN for any refund whatsoever.
  5. Tear Down
    1. No removal of product and/or equipment prior to teardown without prior written permission from KAN.
    2. Exhibitor agrees to dismantle display as soon as practical after the end of the event.
    3. KAN assumes no responsibility for exhibit material left unattended during tear-down. Any product or materials used that need to be picked up and shipped after tear-down is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor. KAN and/or the event facility will not be responsible for items left after tear-down.
  6. Operation and Conduct
    1. KAN reserves the right to restrict exhibitors to suitable methods of operation and display of materials. If for any reason an exhibitor and/or its contents are designated objectionable by KAN, the exhibit shall be subject to removal at exhibitor’s sole expense.
    2. No scooters (motorized or not), knives, drug paraphernalia, animals, reptiles, birds, rodents, fish or insects may be used as part of any exhibit of sold at any event.
    3. Exhibitors are not allowed to obstruct the view, or adversely affect the displays of other exhibitors.
    4. Exhibit personnel must wear appropriate apparel, not swimwear or thong shorts/bikini. No calendar girls allowed.
    5. Exhibitor is responsible for all damage to any property caused by exhibitor personnel.
    6. Exhibitor may not distribute any advertising matter, literature, souvenir items or promotional materials in or about the exhibit areas except from its own allotted exhibit space.
    7. Exhibitors are not permitted to host or sponsor any event which attracts buyers during exhibit days or which conflicts with the schedule program promoted by KAN.
    8. Exhibitors are not granted exclusive rights to any specific product category.
    9. Parking: All vendors are required to park outside show area.
    10. Display Vehicles: KAN must approve all display vehicles prior to set up. All vehicles accepted for display must have proper credentials.
    11. Freight: Any shipment made to the event are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor. Any fees necessary to unload/load freight will be the responsibility of the exhibitor.
  7. Liability
    1. The exhibitor and each of the persons specifically representing the person whose name and signature is on the agreement, herein agrees to both indemnify, defend, and hold harmless and to release and forever discharge from any and all known and unknown damage, injury, death, loss, liability, claims, penalties, actions, cause of actions, judgement’s and liabilities of every kind and description (including court costs and attorneys fees), occasioned by, resulting from, and/or related to conduct, actions and or omissions of anyone connected with this event, including Kool April Nites, and the owner at the event and their respective owner operator of the event facility, other vendors at the event and their respective owners, shareholders, officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives and servants and all persons connected with the promotion, production, management and/or presentation of any portion of this event.
    2. The exhibitor represented by the signature on the Agreement agrees and specifically acknowledges that KAN, its offices, staff employees, agents, representatives and/or servants, waive and assume no responsibility or liability whatsoever in any matters relating to any restrictions, controls, and/or conditions imposed on any exhibitor by any regulatory agency or government authority (whether federal, state, regional or local), whether in connection with, before, during, or after this event, or otherwise.